Free Crochet Pattern (Part 2/3): Monkey Plush from A Korean Odyssey 화유기

“Call my name when you are in danger or scared, and I will show up to protect you,” he says. He holds out his hand, and they touch palms to seal the deal.

Let’s crochet together! Every week, I will upload a part of his pattern here. The first of this 3-part series began from last week.

You can tag me on my IG and/or FB to share your work-in-progress pictures. Should you encounter any issues, you can email me at

Let’s work on his ears this week. It should take you less than an hour to complete.


  • 3mm crochet hook (Note the change in hook size)
  • 8-ply yarn in red
  • 8-ply yarn in beige
  • Polyester stuffing
  • Scissors and yarn needle

*Please see reference guide before starting your project.


Outer Ears (make two)

Using red yarn,

Rnd 1: 8sc in MR

Rnd 2: inc around

Rnd 3: (sc, inc) around

Rnd 4-6: sc around

Don’t FO. Hold last stitch with a stitch marker.


Inner Ears (make two)

Using beige yarn,

Rnd 1: 8sc in MR

Rnd 2: inc around

Rnd 3: (sc, inc) around

Rnd 4: (2sc, inc) around

Cap it onto the outer ear.

Pick up the stitch from the outer ear and work a sc in every alternate stitch of the inner ear.

Stuff the ears before FO.

Leave a long tail for sewing.

*Note: After sewing the ears onto the head, add the inner ear lines using beige yarn. Refer to the image below to see how it should look.



That’s all for today. Till next week! ^_^

Listening to: If You Were Me by Ji Min, Yuna AOA ft. N. Flying

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 12.01.47 PM.png



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