Free Crochet Pattern (Bonus): Monkey Plush from A Korean Odyssey 화유기

“The Great Sage, Son Oh-gong, protect me until the very end,” she says. He answers, “I will. Even if the world crumbles, I will protect you.”

This week, let’s learn how to make the geum gang go (gold headband) for your monkey. It should take you about 2h to complete.


  • 2mm crochet hook (Note the change in hook size)
  • Thread-like yarn in gold
  • Polyester stuffing
  • Scissors and yarn needle

*Please see reference guide before starting your project.



Using gold yarn,

Rnd 1: 6sc in MR

Rnd 2: (sc, inc) around

Rnd 3-22: sc around [Note: adjust the number of rounds depending on your preference for the loop curvature]

Rnd 23: (sc, dec) around

Rnd 24-XX: sc around [Note: Crochet until the length is about the circumference of the head]

Repeat earlier rounds in the reverse sequence i.e. Rnd 23, Rnd 3-22, Rnd 2, Insert a pipe cleaner into the headband if you want it as a removable feature, Stuff the two front loops of the headband lightly, and Rnd 1.

FO. Leave a long tail for sewing if you want it to be a permanent feature.



If you would like to secure the headband permanently, you can ladder stitch the inner rim of the headband to his head. I didn’t bother to sew it all around his head; just once at the back, two at the sides, and four at the front (includes 2 at the loops).

Otherwise, I think it’s better to leave it as a removable feature. I couldn’t find my packet of pipe cleaners hence I had to sew the headband permanently onto his head, which was also fine by me since I want him to love me and only me forever (evil laughs).


Time to seal it with a kiss, hang him up and show him off to your family and friends! I hope you had fun making him ^_^

Listening to: Always You by LeeSA

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 11.35.09 AM.png



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jesslyn says:

    Hihihihi…. This is so cutee…
    I’m going to make him to accompany me during lunch too.. ^^
    Thanks for kind-heartedly sharing the pattern…
    By the way, i don’t know where to buy pipe cleaner here… Is there anything else I can use for the tail part?
    Thank you… And God bless you.. 😁


    1. myartpetite says:

      Hi Jesslyn, thanks for the sweet words ♡ An alternative to pipe cleaners are floral wires or craft wires (as long as they are bendable). You can wrap your polyfill or wool around the wires before inserting them into the tail. Do remember to bend the tips so that the pointy edges don’t poke out when you shape the tail later 🙂


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