Gratitude Journal

I am homesick for a place I am not sure even exists. One where my heart is full. And my soul is understood.

There is a particular book that’s been lying by my bedside for almost a year now. I try not to devour it in a single setting. I want to savour each chapter and do some self-reflection.

Today, I found myself at the chapter on Gratitude. It’s been four years since I returned to my home country. Although my footsteps have regained its pace to keep up with the city I live in, my heart hasn’t.

Somehow I became one of those people who never have time to feel delight despite owning it all. I was stretched in so many directions, I wasn’t feeling much of anything.

‘Make a gratitude journal of five things you were grateful for every day’, says the book. I intend to give it a go. Let’s see how many grateful moments are there for me to note down. Perhaps then, more pieces of my heart will return to the city I grew up in. Perhaps not.

Listening to: Chains/Drag Me Down (Acoustic Mashup) by Megan Davies


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  1. Angela van der Linden says:

    Inspired is about all I can say. Thank you. I love your pay it forward as I have done for at least the last 30 yrs since losing my husband to a sudden death. People have been so kind & generous of their time to me that I pay that generosity back whenever I can. I love to crochet, sew, patchwork quilt etc giving 90% away. It is wonderful that you are generous with your patterns & skills. Thank you for adding me to your list xxx Ange


    1. myartpetite says:

      Hi Angela, this is one of sweetest message I have received. Thank you for taking the time to write it and for sharing your story with me. I am sorry about your loss. Crochet has helped me get by a lot of things in life, and I am glad that it has helped you too in its own special way. It’s heartening when I received such messages because it compels me to keep going, and to keep doing the things I like – the things I believe in. Thank you for coming by my blog and letting me know ❤


  2. Debbie says:

    Just wondering what the name of the book you are reading is…And thanks for sharing your crochet patterns.


    1. myartpetite says:

      Hi Debbie, it’s “What I know for sure” by Oprah Winfrey 🙂


      1. Debbie Calhoon says:


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