Free Crochet Pattern: Christmas Hat for Your Stuffed Toy

Whip up a quick cozy hat for your favourite plushy this holiday season!


You will require two different coloured yarns i.e. red and white. Choose an appropriate hook size and yarn weight depending on the size of your toy. If it is a huge 22″ toy like the monkey above, you can use a 12ply yarn with a 10mm hook. For smaller sized toys, you can use a 8ply yarn with a 3mm hook.

*Please see reference guide before starting your project.


Start with red yarn,

Rnd 1: 3 sc into MR

Rnd 2: inc in each st

Rnd 3: *inc, sc* around

Rnd 4: *inc, 2sc* around

Rnd 5: *inc, 3sc* around


Make the necessary increases below depending on the size of your toy. I would recommend having the toy beside you so you can place the crochet piece at the back of its head from time to time to see if it covers it nicely. It does not have to cover the back of the head “perfectly” as the crochet piece will stretch slightly after adding single sc around it so try to have it one round smaller.

Rnd 6: *inc, 4sc* around 

Rnd 7: *inc, 5sc* around

Rnd 8: *inc, 6sc* around

Rnd 9: *inc, 7sc* around

Rnd 10: *inc, 8sc* around

Make 3 or more rounds of sc around, depending on the size of your toy. Do keep a lookout for the ear placement on the toy. At the round where the ears are, start the round with ch 6 or more depending on the size of the ear and skip the same no. of st as the ch made. Continue to sc until you reach the other ear, make the same no. of ch and skip the same no. of st beneath it.

Continue to sc around in red yarn (including the ch stitches) before switching over to white yarn. Make 4 rnds of sc around in white yarn. Fasten off, and fold up the white part in half. This will form the hat brim.

For the pom pom, wrap some white yarn around your mobile phone (landscape mode). Slide the wrapped yarn out carefully and wrap some yarn in the opposite direction. Tie it off and leave a long tail before cutting off the ends. Snip the loops, fluff it up, and trim where necessary until it looks like a nicely shaped ball. You can refer to this blog for visual aids. Sew the pom pom onto the hat and weave in all yarn ends.

There you go ~ your very own handmade Christmas hat. Have fun!


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