Drama Recaps: A Korean Odyssey 화유기

A quick sum-up of the drama for fans or those who have not watched it ♥♥♥.

Their First Contact

She makes a contract with the deity, Son Oh-gong, who was confined in the Marble Mountains as a form of punishment for his mischievous acts in the celestial realm. Their contract: “Call my name when you are in danger or scared, and I will show up to protect you.”

However, the moment she releases him from the Marble Mountains, he got around the contract by removing a critical clause i.e. her memory of his name so she cannot call upon him to save her from the dangers or when she is scared.

25 years later, she meets him on the streets but is still unable to recall his name.

Frustrated, she seeks the help of his frenemy, Mawang, to put a restraining order on Son Oh-gong so he would honour their contract. They buy a geum gang go (gold bracelet) that has the power to make its wearer obey the orders of its giver.

She gives the geum gang go as a Christmas present to Son Oh-gong, and activates it by kissing him. As their lives are now intertwined, he restores her memory so she can call upon him for protection hence forth.

Her First Summon

She calls his name for the first time, and was awed by his powers to diminish demons and heal her wounds.

His Attempts to Break Free

He resorts to trickery and uses various persuasion techniques to get her to remove the geum gang go but unlike her younger self, she does not fall for them easily.

One day, she has a premonition of the world coming to an end and that she has the ability to stop this from happening. She calls Son Oh-gong and orders him to protect her until the very end so she can fulfil the prophecy.

The Acceptance

He starts to take his ‘protector’ role seriously and saves her from a number of sticky situations.

He makes the effort to know her better…

…and she does the same.

The Big Family

For someone who has lived by herself all this while, she starts to open up to others (his family members) after knowing him.

But her relationship with his family gets complicated at times. After all, they are demons and she makes the perfect prey.

Their Fates

They soon learn of their ill-fated relationship where one is destined to kill the other but they are not sure who.

Curious to find out how the story develops? You can now catch the complete series on Netflix.

Listening to: Always You by LeeSA


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