The Seeker

As we pay more attention to the present, we come to realise there is a silent observer within us. If we can see the face of the silent observer, then we have found what’s originally ours, from when we were born.

We say we get busier as time goes by.

We are always busy.

It seems like an easy excuse these days to shy away from once-familiar people,

to escape from things that demand a little more effort from us.

We say we are busy; trying to create a better life for ourselves, for our family.

Are we truly busy working towards that or are our lives cluttered with all kinds of stuff that demands us, drains us, and stops us from being our true selves?

Are we too wrapped up in doing that we lose sight of being?

Perhaps the gap between belief and reality will never close,

perhaps my every step forward just widens the gap,

or perhaps, I can change this if I tell myself to not spend today passively.

Let’s not wait for 100 percent certainty before we listen to our hearts.

It is often too late.

After all, most achievements can be traced back to a single thought.

Let’s resolve to be that person.

For ourselves.

Listening to: Because I Miss You by Beige


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