K-Drama Funny Moments: 100 Days My Prince 백일의 낭군님

Synopsis: A 16-episode historical drama depicting the love story of Yi Suh (a noblewoman who took refuge in a village and assumed the identity of Hong Shim after her family was massacred in a coup) and Lee Yul (the Crown Prince of Joseon who suffered amnesia for 100 days after a foiled assassination attempt on his life and was led to believe that he is Won Deuk, a returning soldier and the lover of Hong Shim).

Here is a compilation of some funny moments, as well as my crochet interpretation of Won Deuk and Hong Shim ♥♥♥.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Hong Shim’s attempts to suss out Won Deuk’s background

As Won Deuk had no recollection of his past, Hong Shim decided to trigger his implicit memory through trial and error.

She assigned some common village tasks to him, and monitored his performance. But he was unable to accomplish any, much to her disappointment and frustration.

Task 1: Chopping firewood

Task 2: Making straw sandals

Task 3: Harvesting wild plants for food and medicinal purposes

She looked down on him initially because…

His arrogance and high SES lifestyle were hard to put up with

His naiveness landed them in a pile of debt

His incompetence at work meant she had to pay his debt

But he held on to his belief that he was not a useless fool

When he landed himself in the magistrate’s court for not paying his debt on time, Hong Shim saw the opportunity to waive it under the ground of unsound mind.

She called five witnesses to the stand to support her case.

She was about to succeed when he disputed this theory and took responsibility for the debt he incurred. This disappointed her greatly as he had no means of paying back.

It wasn’t long before she uncovered his amazing talents

Debt-laden, life went on until Hong Shim found out by accident that he is literate. She tapped on his literacy skills to secure a good income opportunity to pay off the debt.

Poetry Skill

Reading Skill

Writing Skill

Negotiation Skill

[Bonus] Archery, Horse Riding, and Combat Skills

She was over the moon when she learnt of all the wonderful things he can do.

Soon after, their budding romance began with him taking the lead

I will end off with this hilarious BTS for now. You can catch the full drama in HD on newasiantv.ch. Enjoy ~~~

Listening to: Cherry Blossom Love Song by CHEN


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