Goblin도깨비 “I See the Sword. I Won’t Leave (You).”

Every life is touched by a deity at least once. If you feel distanced from this world but feel a force dragging you closer, that is the work of a deity.

Eun Tak: I can see it (the sword) since the first time I met you. What does that make me now? Am I still not the Goblin’s bride? Kim Shin: I think you are.

Any Goblin fans out there? Goblin has just earned the #1 spot of my all-time favourite Korean dramas.

Everything about it is so perfect. The heartbreakingly beautiful story, the stunning cinematography, the captivating soundtrack, plus the insanely good on-screen chemistry!

If you have not caught this drama, here are five reasons why you should drop everything now and WATCH it. You can come back later when you are done with it. Everything in this post will make much more sense then.

Alright, back to Goblin fans. Let’s summon the star of today’s post – Mr. Buckwheat!

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According to Eun Tak, Mr. Buckwheat is actually a goblin. He covers himself in his favourite food, buckwheat jelly, to hide his presumably hideous looks so that people aren’t afraid of him. Well he sure did a good job, he looks too cute and yummy now! Here’s some lovely stills of him:

And my interpretation of him:

Pattern credit to Meemanan

If your Goblin withdrawal symptoms have yet alleviated, you can pop over to my good friend’s blog for more vitamins. Hope you get well soon! 😉

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